This is a sign-up form for volunteers for Horsell Prepared - a new initiative in Horsell to increase our village's capability to cope with an emergency or community incident
Please note: Horsell Prepared now includes Horsell Snow Angels and operates under the governance of Horsell Residents' Association.

Privacy Policy: All your data will be stored safely, accessed only by organisers of Horsell Prepared, and not shared with anyone else. You can ask for your information to be removed at any time by emailing
What's your first name? *

Hello {{answer_DvYF}}, nice to meet you.
What's your last name?

What's your mobile phone number? *

We need this to communicate with you by text message in an emergency. If you don't have one, please leave a land line number.
Do you give your consent for us to email you occasionally about volunteering for Horsell Prepared and/or Horsell Snow Angels to benefit your local area?

Would you like to be alerted by text message whenever there is a local emergency or incident?

You would be notified by text message of any local emergencies or loss of services, local to Horsell only
Would you like to be a Snow Angels volunteer?

Snow Angels is a pop-up service to help vulnerable residents avoid risking going out in the snow or ice when the weather is particularly bad. Snow Angels volunteers are contacted by text message to check on their availability when we have snowy or icy days only.
If you would like to be a Snow Angel, please indicate which of these possible tasks you would be willing to do for a neighbour (if you are in Horsell and available)?

Please tick all that apply. If you do not want to be a Snow Angel, don't tick anything here.

Would you like to be a Horsell Prepared volunteer? *

Horsell Prepared maintains a list of potential volunteers (with their skills, if any) to contact if there is a multi-household emergency or incident in Horsell. Horsell Prepared volunteers are prepared to be contacted by text message in a local emergency. Please note that you do not need to be in Horsell all the time to be a Horsell Prepared volunteer.
If your answer was yes, which of these skills / resources do you have, which you might be prepared to use for the benefit of local residents in an emergency?

Please tick all that apply. If you are not wanting to be a Horsell Prepared volunteer, don't tick anything here. If you don't have any of these specific skills, we still value your volunteering.

Are there any further details you would like to share about your skills or resources?

If you have first aid or medical skills please tell us what level or how you have trained. If your professional skills are relevant, please tell us a small amount about them.
Would you like to know more about the Priority Services Register for vulnerable people and families? *

This is the list held by the utility companies to help them prioritise restoration of services to households which need it most – including older people, disabled people and those with small children. By answering yes, you are giving us consent to contact you with information about the Priority Services Register.
Would you like to find out more about being part of the organising team of Horsell Prepared? *

We need a small but important number of people who are willing to be Co-ordinators for emergencies or bad weather, who will call out volunteers, liaise with the authorities, take calls, and/or manage volunteers in the field.

We will train you on our processes. You do not need to be in Horsell all the time to be useful in this role.
Would you like to mention any other local organisations you're involved in, which might be helpful for us to know in an emergency? *

For instance, if you are involved as a volunteer for the British Red Cross or for a local church, or for the WI, it would be most helpful to know this so we can link up with other organisations.
Thank you for completing this. If you have any questions or comments please write them here. Please click OK, followed by Register to complete this questionnaire.

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